The lily is the Florence symbol and the flag which the red lily flower is drawn in this white ground is used as the flag(Gonfalone) of Florence city.

- il levante : The Florence informations -
"IL LEVANTE" delivers carious information to the person who would like to live in Florence,
the person who would like to visit in travelling and that sort of person from the locale.

Florence informations

Hotel, school, restaurant, market, map and etc.

The traveling from Florence

Traveling diary of returning on the same day and short-term travelling


The wine of about 3 - 5 euro

When we had something to eat, ...

The Italian vegetable, delicatessen ,such as food and cooking


Event and topics


The news which were put to the just a little small ear

One shot

The Florence street corner photograph

Back number

TOPICS which is published to the past

- Publication schedule -

Skiing in Dolomiti

By night traveling train to Paris

The present weather of Florence
The Italian railroad time search

As for time of the Italian present is
March last Sunday - October last Saturday Sumertime

Up date: 17/05/2004

- Italianlinguistic schools in Florence -

There is the discount informations of the Italianlinguistic schools . Attention !!!

- Wine shop in Florence - from the wine shop "Vino Olio"
You can order some toscan wines by
Fax from only U.S.A.
They can ship from
Italy to only U.S.A. Click here!
- Sandwich shop in Florence - New Open ! ENOPANINOTECA "GUSTAPANINO" the good shef works

- Topics -

Sunset in Florence (Photo)

- When we ate some italian food -

Biscuit : Cantucci (Recipe)

- News -

Snow in Florence after 11 years !

- News -

2 floor building sight-seeing bus runs to Florence !

๔ Florence now... ๔
The weather is finally good day by day.
Focusing on the Florence linguistic academy, the hotel and the restaurant publishing being useful informations. Being to be the map and the photographs attachment please in reference of the hotel and the restaurant choosing.
We introduce you some restaurants to which we went with the small comment.
It is a itinerary and a daialy which we travelled from Florence riding in the train and the bus. The Italian traveling which is not ended normally. The train is late often and, the ticket booth is the line of the long snake and we meet with the various happenings. Probably the traveling will stay with us a happy memory.
It places also many photographs.
The Italian food and the wine always go together ! Everyday to drink, it must be 5,00 Euro or less. The numerous wine which we drank is introduced. The photograph, price and small comment were placed.
We introduce you the italian food, the canned goods, the instant product and etc.wich we ate after coming to Florence.
When we go to the market, we can see a large quantity of very fresh vegetables. But some of them are wich we have never seen before. So we try to ask the man of the store , how can we cook is better? It introduces also little cooking.
The event and year's regular functions etc. in Florence. The people who do the dressing up which makes medieval era think marches the center of the town in year's regular functions.
It places also the photographs.
The news which were put to the small ear with the newspaper and the television etc..
Publishing the favorite photographs which took on the Florence street corner . In Florence you can see such a beautiful view.
You can look the past topics, the photographs and the wine etc. with back number.

The letter we wait

Information please offer

  • The information which the person who looked at this home page can take some benefit in Florence.
    (For example)
    "Happy hour"
    "Recommendation information": Restaurants,Bar,etc. which you can recommend (Name,Address,Tel of the restaurant o the Bar)

    –Please give us your naice information–


  • The informations was gathered directly in Florence by the compilation staffs (MAMMOS-kun,DG-kun) of this site.

-il levante : Information of Florence -

* MAP *

- Photographs and Map


- Hotels 5 stars,4stars,3stars,2stars in Florence at place selection

* Shopping *

- Supermarket and Foodstuffs

* Spear Time *

- Coin laundry, Bookstore, Cinema, electric appliance, Speed Photo, Barber

* EAT *

- First food, Restaurant, Bar, Bakery, Home delivery pizza

* Transfer *

- Time table "TRENITALIA", Information office, Airplane, Bus, Rental car, Rental motorcycle&bicycle

* Communicaion *

- Post office, Internet Coffee, Personal computer shop


- Italian language school guide

* Emergency *

- Police station, Consular mansion, Pharmacy, Hospital


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