- Notizia -


Finally "World Cup" which we have benn waiting for is opened. In Italy the first game for Italy was shown on TV on June 3rd(Monday) at 13:10 , and the broadcasting station was "RAIUNO". The commissioner is Giovanni Trapattoni. This game was between ITALY and ECUADOR. 7 minutes after begining the Italian team made a goal. The announcer is shouted "Vieri,VIeri,Vieri,Vieri !". And 27 minutes after "Vieri,VIeri,Vieri,Vieri ! Ancora Vieri !". Team Italia won the game 2 to 0. Complimenti !


On June 4th(Tuesday) at 11:00 we watched the game "Japan vs Belgium". "Goal, Suzuki" and "Goal, Inamoto". But the game was a draw 2−2. Keep going, Japan!

Congratulations for going into the Best8 match !


Congratulations for going into the Best8 match ! Cheers, Japan !

ITALIA vs SUD COREA 1 - 2. GIAPPONE vs TRUCHIA 0 - 1. Me ne dispiace proprio !

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